Plane Spotting Live (BBC)

Plane Spotting Live was a program produced for the BBC and was transmitted Live over three nights from the Aeropark which was acting as the host site. A number of our exhibits were used during the programs including the VC10, Vulcan, Nimrod, Sheriff and Buccaneer.

This is a synopsis for the show from the BBC:

There have never been more planes in our skies - earlier this year 9,000 of them flew over UK airspace in just one day, an all-time record. Now, BBC Four is opening up the skies to give viewers an unprecedented insight into what is flying over their heads at any one time, by joining forces with an enthusiastic band of homegrown experts: planespotters.

Live across three nights, Peter Snow, Andi Peters, Zoe Laughlin and Arthur Williams, each aviation enthusiasts in their own right, are at prime planespotting sites across the country to delve deep into the world of aviation. Their mission: to spot as many of the different types of planes in UK airspace as possible, from the common to the unusual. And they are asking the British public to help, by sending in images of their spots. We will learn about the hundreds of different models of commercial, private and military aircraft that are making their way across the skies as we go about our daily lives.

Supported by a rich mix of character-led short films, the series covers everything planespotter-related, from the teams lovingly restoring Britain's forgotten planes, to the proud owner of the UK’s biggest sick bag collection, to exploring the materials that are at the frontier of aeronautical engineering.

This is not just a show for unashamed aviation geeks, this is for anyone with a passion for travel, history and our heritage. With a mixture of archive, personal stories and remarkable tales of single-minded dedication this series is finally giving voice to, and celebrating, those whose passions are planes.

Planespotting Live brings you a snapshot of all the planes up in the sky during the hour, providing analysis and context as we go, and revelling in this unique and wonderful world.

Zoe Laughlin is out and about with the vintage British aircraft at the aeropark unpicking the engineering that made some of the historic planes there so vital to the future of aviation. Zoe also explains how some of the early military planes at the aeropark helped the RAF maintain its dominance of the skies above us.

Our military pilot in the studio gives context and hidden stories behind some of these extraordinary flying machines and we conclude the country’s biggest-ever planespotting event by revealing just how many types of aircraft the British public has managed to spot.